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Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company based in Beijing, engaged in the manufacture of smartphones and tablets. The company was established in 2010 and started selling its first issue in 2011. So far it has released more than a hundred phones but has achieved great success. The company mimics the way Apple operates the famous Apple company and is sometimes called Apple East or Apple Chinese. It relies on the Android system in its devices and offers it at a cheaper price than competing devices and with comparable quality. Xiaomi has several headquarters, the first in China, the second in Singapore and the third in China.

Xiaomi's logo

The Xiaomi logo, or the company's official logo, is interpreted in more than one sense.
 One explanation for the logo is Mobile Internet and another is Mission Impossible .

Xiaomi has 15,000 employees in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and North Africa. According to Forbes, Lee Jun is the founder and CEO of the company whose net profit exceeds US $ 12.5 million. He is the 11th richest person in China and the 118th richest person in the world. Xiaomi is the fourth-largest tech startup after receiving $ 1.1 billion [5] from investors making Xiaomi more than $ 46 million.

Xiaomi has a record on Guiness :
 Xiaomi has a record on Guinness :
The Chinese company Xiaomi still holds a record of Guinness since 2015. The Chinese company then set the record for the sale of the largest number of units in history on a single platform within 24 hours, where the company sold during a discount offer on one occasion 2112010 units within 24 hours Via its location .


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