Tips for Buying a New Phone : How to buy a phone with high specifications?

How to buy a phone with high specifications
What makes one get lost and bewildered, when buying an Android smartphone, once you search you will find dozens, even hundreds of phones from different companies, in this article we will give you a set of guidelines that will lead you towards choosing the best inevitably.

1) Adjust budget to buy phone

Of course, before going to buy a phone must adjust the budget that it has to make any special amount to buy the mobilephone . 

2) check the mobilephone Specifications

A) storage

 Internal storage is used for holding your apps, messages, photos, and files, and can often be expanded with an SD card. A big-ish app can take up more than 1GB quite easily, so don't be too conservative here and choose the mobilephone that holds more than 2 go 

B) Design

If you want something you can use one-handed, then pick it up and try it out. A lot of phones nowadays are glass front and back, but that makes them fragile and prone to smudges, so they won’t suit everyone. Check that the fingerprint sensor position suits you as well — they’re generally being moved from the front to the back. The right design for you should look and feel good

C) A good Camera 

Most smartphones come with cameras, but they can vary quite a bit. Some are akin to using a DSLR, some have fab front-facing cameras for selfies and video calls, and some just have a simple point-and-shoot one on the back that doesn't do anything special.

D) Display 

Some phones offer displays with amazing quad-HD quality - though that usually means they cost more. Still, it can be worth the expense if you'll be using your phone to read small text, watch videos, or play games.

E) Operating system : 

 iPhone or Android? Each comes with unique benefits… and problems. iOS has excellent connectivity and can sync with your iPod, iPad, or Mac seamlessly. Androids, on the other hand, are super customisable, but look a little different on every phone.

F) Battery life

Battery: Ensure that the battery is of high capacity, so as to ensure a longer life.

3) choose the The company that always provides updates : 

For Android phones, getting a premium phone alone is not enough.Many companies are not keen to update their phones, so you should always buy the phone from the company that respects its customers and provides updates periodically, and is currently better than Google, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, and soon Nokia .

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