Nokia 6.1 review : Specification of nokia 6.1 Plus and its disadvantages

nokia 6.1 plus specs

 Nokia 6.1 Plus is a big breakthrough for Nokia and is the first release
The Nokia phone has a notch and can say that a phone
Nokia 6.1 Plus is a device in the spirit of the falajship in terms of form that takes us
For a different time with the quality of the phone and its small weight compared with
Other phones in the same price category The phone features a high quality operating system which
The phone enables easy performance without any problems and fast navigation
Among the applications is one of the great features of the Nokia 6.1 Plus
We will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the phone.

specifications of nokia 6.1 plus :

The design of the phone takes us for another period of time in terms of the distinctive look of Nokia phones.
 - The phone is made of strong metal frame and 2.5D curved glass back Gives a smooth, comfortable grip.
 - The phone is characterized by its small size, estimated at 151 grams. 
- Dimensions: 147.2 x 71 x 8 .

- Curved flat screen of the parties only to ensure a large viewing content.
 - IPS LCD screen comes with Corning Glass 3.
 - Screen size: 5.8 inches with screen acquisition ratio of 81.5%.
 - Screen quality: 1080 * 2280

-Different versions of memory are provided for the phone:
1- 32GB RAM with 4GB RAM
2- 64GB RAM with 4GB RAM It is available in Egypt.
3- 64GB RAM with 6GB RAM - DDR4 RAM is characterized by consumption Less power and support high speeds.
4- Supports additional memory card but must be sacrificed To the second port to use the memory card.

Advantages of Nokia 6.1 plus :

Dual rear camera gives images in natural colors and high definition.
- Octa-core processor gives easy performance without problems.
- The fingerprint of the phone at the back of the phone is characterized by its rapid response.
- The phone is characterized by its small size, estimated at 151 grams.
- A wired headphone port with mic is available for noise isolation.
- High touch screen response.
- Supports Bluetooth to connect two phones together at the same time

Nokia 6.1 plus Disadvantages:

- The charger does not support fast charging supported by the phone.
- The phone is broken and dirty as a result of the phone is stained from glass.
- The protection layer of the bottle is weak.
- The screen brightness is weak under the sunlight vision is blurred.
- Front camera performance is poor in night mode and low light.
- Phone sound is low compared to phones in the same price category.


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