Iphone xs max review : What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Iphone XS Max advantage
Apple has unveiled its new iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in a huge conference on September 12, 2018. Apple will be talking about the Apple iPhone XS Max, the most expensive phone from Apple, The largest ever from Apple and even larger than the screen of Samsung Note 9 especially as the processor was developed and battery significantly also especially with the new software from Apple IOS 12 In this article will know the specifications and features and disadvantages of iPhone XS Max Mobile and phone prices in usa and all you need to know about this phone.

Mobile problems Apple iPhone XS Max:

Does not support FM radio playback
Does not support the installation of additional memory card, but what need to install a memory card with large spaces available!
The 3.5 port for headphones is not supported as usual by Apple phones
The charger attached with the phone does not support fast charging
Design The same design as iPhone X There is no development, innovation or radical change
The price of 512 GB comes at a very high price.

Features of iPhone XS Max:

Excellent processor is the fastest and most powerful yet of Apple
Waterproof and dustproof phone with IP68 certificate
The world's best Super AMOLED screen yet
The screen resolution is better and bigger than the iPhone X, which comes with a resolution of 1242 × 2688
A 512GB version was not available on iPhone X
Camera performance is excellent and has been greatly improved compared to previous phones
A battery will last longer with you than your iPhone X
It supports two SIM-SIM and Nano-SIM connections.

Specifications of iPhone XS Max:

The phone is very similar to the smaller brother iPhone XS but with a larger screen and a larger battery.
Supports two connection segments and supports second, third and fourth generation networks
The first chip comes from the Nano type and the other chip comes from eSIM, a new chip type. There is no information so far about the availability of the Arab telecom companies for this type of connection
The weight of 208 grams is the heaviest among Apple phones and even heavier than the notes 9 with glass design from the back and glass front with a layer of protection on the screen and 7.7 mm thickness and metal frame
The Super AMOLED screen is 1242 x 2688 pixels with 19.5 "screen or 19.5" screen resolution. The screen comes with 458 pixel pixels, and the screen captures 84.4% of the handset. This kind of screen is the best on the one hand Color quality and brightness
IPhone XS Max Mobile OS is iOS 12
The mobile processor is a Bionic A12 Bionic has been developed artificial intelligence and speed of this processor is a 7-nanometer technology, which is very battery-efficient and has the fastest performance so far
Three versions available for mobile: -
- The first version is 64 GB with 4 GB RAM.
- Second version 256 GB with 4 GB Ram.
- The third version 512 GB with 4 GB Ram.
Dual camera The 12 megapixel camera comes with a F / 1.8 lens. The secondary zoom camera comes with 12 megapixels with a F / 2.4 lens slot with an optical sensor in the lenses and the ability to operate 2x zoom without blurring the image details. The camera also supports insulation and imaging Video up to 4K resolution at 2160px with 60 frames per second capture
A 7 mega pixel camera with a F / 2.2 lens slot supports insulation and portraiture, but the quality of the video has been improved. It has been shot at 1080 pixels at a rate of 60 frames per second, while the iPhone X only takes 30 frames,
As with most other Apple phones, the phone does not support the installation of an additional memory card and there is no 3.5mm headset port
Does not support fingerprint sensor
Face Unlock has been developed quickly and efficiently because of its support for True Depth via the front camera
A 3174 mA battery and Apple claims it is 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X battery
The iPhone XS Max battery supports fast and wireless charging and can charge 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes
Mobile waterproof and dustproof with IP68 certificate
The phone comes in 3 colors, namely Silver Silver - Dark Gray Space Grey - Golden Gold.

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